9 May 2015

Weekly Weigh in

This has been a disappointing week I just haven’t been focused at all. I just couldn’t stay motivated.


Steps This weeks steps have been moderate. I reach my target of our 70.000 in a week that I set myself in my planner but only just. I never got anywhere near 100,000 in my week never mind in the challenge.

Eating This will a short section I did’t track for 4 days I ate whenever I wanted and none of it was healthy.

Water Finally a section I am happy with I drank all of my water except one glass. I only missed it because I thought I had drank it but had in fact left it in kitchen and din’t discover till next morning. I was so annoyed.

Weigh in Now this is a big shock to me but some how in amongst all my laziness and my over eating I still managed to loss 1.4lbs. I have no idea my body clearly wants to loss weight even when I loss faith.

Goals for next week 

  • Find my motivation.
  • Get out of the 160lbs.
  • Keep up with my water.

How was your week?

Thank you for reading. x