9 May 2015

Motivational Monday

This week I have found myself looking back at other weeks to see how many days I have managed to stick to my calories, now I usually allow for a treat on a Monday that puts me over so I aim for 6 days but most weeks I only manage 4 this I need to work on. When I go over it probably works out to 250 to 500 calories for the week which isn’t good. Also with regards to exercise that seems to be going well I get some form of exercise each day but I really do think I need to step it up. I know I say this in every post but I need to do a workout dvd. I think my body needs the shock of more intense workout. I mentioned getting a fitbit a few post back but I just couldn’t justify the money right now for it. I did pick up a basic pedometer but have yet to set it up as I feel that using my phone to track my walks works the best since I am taking it with me anyway.
Now onto this week. I have been on track 4 days Wednesday I went over by 4 calories and Friday I decided to go off plan as we were ordering tea in. I didn’t go massively overboard I finished the day at 1725 calories. Which is 305 over my allowance. I also made a new soup this week and was very impressed it was delicious and I will definitely be making it again. I managed to get out and walk everyday which is an improvement on previous weeks. My weigh in was a bit disappointing but still a loss. I lost 0.6lbs it’s not what I was hoping for and means I need to lose 3.2lbs next week to reach my goal to have lost 20lbs by the end of March. I have also realised I am so close to being under 11st (154lb) currently weigh 159.8lbs. I am still on target for weighing 140lbs for my sister in-laws wedding in July.
A friend on instagram just reminded me to not focus solely on the results on the scales I have come so far this year I have more energy I eat better and the clothes in my wardrobe all fit or are too big. Below is a progress picture I shared this week and I can see a massive difference. That huge belly is gone I no longer look 6 months pregnant. 
Plans for this week STICK to calories and DO workout dvd. 
Love this picture of Alessa it describes her perfectly she loves all aspects of nature. 
As always thank you for reading. x