1 May 2015

May Goal and April Review

Last months goals went well for the most part.

  1. I managed to blog 3 times a week in fact I only missed one post and that was this Wednesday (sorry if you were looking for it).
  2. I got a lot of use out of my camera. 
  3. I lost exactly 5lbs.
  4. Walking went well in fact some days I got 20,000.
  5. Drinking of water never went as well as I had thought I didn't do a single full week of water. it was an improvement on previous month.

May goals
Favourite photo from April
May Goals
  1. Keep up blogging schedule.
  2. Get some pictures printed.
  3. Lose 5lbs.
  4. 8 glasses of water everyday.
  5. Walk minimum of 70,000 steps in a week. 
The List