4 May 2015

Lovely Things #2 May

The first lovely thing has to be the weather. It has be dark and grey for so long so to see blue skies and white fluffy clouds have be so up lifting. I am currently trying to lose weight and find it so much easier to go for walks when the weather is nice.
 My second lovely thing is my new paper weight. I spotted this in a shop and it was reduced to £1.50 and I knew I had to have it. Robins are my favourite bird and I have been getting into stationary supplies recently so thought I need a paper weight.
DSCN7850My final thing is freshly washed bedding and being the first to climb in. I purposely change my bedding on a Monday as I know hubby will be out late. I can enjoy the relaxing feeling you get from snuggling up in them. In fact that is where I am as I right this.
Lovely Things