13 Apr 2015

Weekly weigh in

I have decided to rename these posts. If I am honest most weeks I can barely motivate myself let alone anyone else. So from now on they will be Weekly weigh in.

This week has been good overall.

Steps: This week has been good I have managed at least 15,000 everyday except Saturday which I had as rest day. I thought that with my daughter being off nursery I wouldn't manage to reach my targets. There was one day where I walked around my livingroom to get the remaining 3,000 I needed to hit my goal for the day.

Eating: This has also been good. I stayed around the 1,500 mark all week with the exception of Friday where I went over but I Saturday I used 1,400. I feel the week was more balanced than the previous weeks. I planned to go over on the Friday so I didn't feel guilty.

Water: This has been a fantastic week for water. I drank all 8 my water everyday except Sunday which I got 6 off.

Weigh in: This week I weighed in at 164.4lbs which is fantastic it means I have lost 3lbs this week. Now to keep momentum up. I don't plan to lose this amount every week. I actually aim for 1.5lb.

Goals for next week: 

  1. Keep up with my walking
  2. Stick to calories 
  3. Watch for triggers to over eat
  4. Drink that water
Thank you for reading and I hope you had a good week too. x