16 Apr 2015

Throwback Thursday

Sweater Shop Jumper laurasarahdoll

This photo makes me cringe and laugh. Sweater Shop do you remember those days?

My hair well that's a story in its self. I was at college studying Hairdressing I had coloured my hair blonde some months before. This week the college got in these new coloured mousses which I felt I needed to try so I used a red mousse all over my hair. Turn up at college the next day and the lecturer flipped "no-one with PINK hair will be working on anyone in my salon" I was sent off to have the colour removed they bleached my hair twice but still it was pink and now like gum so stretchy. There was nothing for it all of it needed to be chopped off and coloured this strange colour. In the space of 24 hours I had gone from hair passed my shoulders to this messy crop!!

You will be pleased to here I am not a hairdresser I gave up after the first year and my hair has never been this short again. Lesson learned if you put red onto blonde it will go pink.

Thanks for reading. x