17 Apr 2015

Fun Friday

 On Thursday we decided to go investigate the wooded area Alessa and I had found the week before. Daddy was off and the thought of exploring appealed to him so he came along too. When you first arrive there is this giant snake made out of stones slithering across the little stream. I couldn't get an angle to get a full picture there were a few young girls playing near it.

There are a few big fallen trees to climb over with a little encouragement from daddy Alessa was willing to walk along the tree first. She really sometimes doubts her abilities but then we are all guilty of that.

Daddy trying to show Alessa the giant bird nest that was at the top of a tree. In amongst all the branches it was a little hard to see. 

Time for a family photo. This is not easy to do with my camera as the timer is only 10 seconds. SO I have to position camera on tree press the button get back under the tree without hitting my head which I did a couple of times run back up to where hubby is standing. We did do a proper one to but this one was Alessa's favourite so I included it.

We came across some derelict farm building so had a little look. The one covered in green moss was the one Alessa in enjoyed the most as it was fluffy.

 I found this piece of tree stump which we brought home not sure what we are going to do with it. I am sure Pinterest can help me with that. Alessa as found this phone which she wanted to play with. We certainly got a view of teenage Alessa because of this phone. She was pretending to speak on it and I asked her not to put next to her face as it was dirty. She replied "shhh I am I am talking on the phone" and she gave us a disapproving look. Now Alessa isn't usually cheeky but this was just filled with teenage angst. It really made us laugh later. (possibly with fear)

 We found a tree stump to sit on to have our lunch and this is when my camera died so the next couple of pictures were taken on my phone. While sitting here this tiny little brown bird joined us but there was no way of getting a picture with my phone. So we just sat back and listened to him sing.

Before leaving daddy and Alessa wanted to have a quick shot on the tree swing which the girls from earlier had been playing on. It was a really nice day and nice to know that there is this area near to our home that we never even knew about.

If you have any ideas of what we can do with our bit of tree stump let me know in comments.

Thank you for reading. x