10 Apr 2015

Fun Friday

This weeks post is going to be slightly different. In previous posts I have mentioned that Alessa loves taking her camera out and snapping some pictures so this week I thought I would share a few with you. Now not all of her picture turn out as she would like but she is getting better. Her main issue is she doesn't allow for the delay but she is only 4. We are working on this and sometimes she does brilliant as I am sure you will agree from pictures below.

My photos of the Cherry Blossoms ans the Butterfly Bag feature in my Lovely Things post. I think Alessa did really well. 

The next two were from our evening walk on Monday.I think because of her height she get a interesting angle on her picture.

These two are from Tuesdays walk in the countryside. Seeing the tractor was a highlight for her. Snapping a picture was a bigger bonus.

These two were taken on Wednesday when we went out exploring. I really like this picture of me (apart from the belly but that has nothing to do with her camera skills).

I hope you enjoyed this post. x