3 Apr 2015

Fun Friday

This weeks post feature my husband. He only has two days each week off and those are usually on days that Alessa has nursery so we are limited to what we can do as she goes in the afternoons. The next two weeks Alessa is on holiday so hopefully get a good day out with daddy. 

Yesterday since the weather was nice we decided to leave a little earlier than usual and take Alessa to the park before dropping her off. She explained to me before we went in that daddy would be playing with her and that I was going to be taking pictures. I only had my phone with me but I obliged. 

I think daddy enjoyed the park as much as Alessa did. I will admit I did have a turn on the swings. As an adult I think you forget how much fun the park can be. Especially if you find one that hasn't been destroyed by bored teenagers.

When was the last time you played in the park?