23 Mar 2015

Motivational Monday

This week has had its ups and downs but overall I know I could do alot better.

Walking this week has been a struggle although I have managed to get my steps everyday which I am really pleased about. I even managed to get them all yesterday even though all I wanted to do was stay in bed and read blog posts. I was in a few challenges this week and won two. I also entered one for the weekend which I found helped me get out and about more.

Water this week has been fantastic compared to previous week. Monday I didn't drink any but then I downloaded Aqualert which notifies me every 2 hours to drink water. The days I didn't complete the 2 litres Saturday and Sunday I did get most of it. Which is a fantastic improvement. I highly recommend the app if you struggle to drink water and just need a reminder.

Food has been my downfall this week I went over my calories 4 days. Its usually by about 200 calories which isn't acceptable but on Sunday it was out of control. I had the urge to eat everything in sight. I realise the weight won't come off if I don't change my relationship with food and learn self control.

Now onto the weigh in as of this morning I weigh 167.4lbs that's a loss of 1.2lbs. I am glad I lost something but it doesn't feel like a deserved loss. I have to step up my game especially if I don't want to have a gain next week. I also plan on moving my weigh in back to evenings around 4pm that way I can still have a treat meal or snack. 

Goals for this week:
  • keep up the step count 
  • drink all my water everyday 
  • get control of my eating. 
Thank you for reading. X