16 Mar 2015

Motivational Monday

After recent events I have come to realise there are some things you just cant control but my weight isn't one of them. So while we decide how we want to move on from this I am going to focus on losing the 20lbs I have gained back in recent months plus the another 10lbs taking me to 140lbs.

I have broken it down into smaller targets of 7.5lbs.

I have set myself a walking goal of 15,000 steps per day. I will be using around 1600 calories per day I find this number allows me to lose weight without feeling I am depriving myself. I will be posting all my meals and Fitbit daily statistics to instagram.

My week starts on Monday morning so there will be no treat evening unlike previous attempts. My starting weight this time around is 170.4lbs.

This is my starting weight. 

My week has went reasonably well. I have stuck to my calories for the most part. I have have hit my step goal on four days, one day I got 13,000 steps but at the weekend my hermit self took over and I did only 4,000 steps as I never left house. That being said I did do over 78,000 steps during the week days and win two of the Fitbit challenges I was in.

Food has been really good just trying to figure out healthier ways of having meals. My main reason I gained the weight back is I went back to eating constantly throughout the day if I went into the kitchen for anything I always came out with food. It was things I knew were high in calories so this week has been about making better choices if I do feel the need to snack. The other day I was watching television and needed something so I brought through a bowl of cherry tomatoes and as it turned out I actually really enjoyed them. I did have a day where chocolate took over but one day out of seven is a lot better than previously. 

Now on to the weigh in I lost 1.8lbs this week. I am happy with that but feel it could have been more if I hadn't have been so inactive at the weekend.

Next weeks goal is to improve my water in take. A glass of cold water just doesn't appeal when you already feel cold. The weather here just hasn't warmed at all. I have lemon juice in the fridge so might start by having warm water and lemon in mornings now I know its meant to be fresh lemon but this will do for now. I also need to make sure I go out the house and get my steps every day. Food goals are to not let old habits take over. 

How's your week been and what are your goals for next week?

Thanks for reading. x