27 Mar 2015

Fun Friday

A day at the beach.

On Saturday my daughter Alessa and went out for a walk to our local beach. The weather was still cold but better than it has been. My daughter loves this walk she know exactly which direction we will be heading and possible sights. 

Below is a collection of photos I took from the day. 

I love this picture of us. I wanted to take a selfie but the sun was too bright for her to face camera so we decided to go for this and I think its perfect. We stayed here and had our lunch.  

 We have passed this bench on many times and there is always someone using it, she was excited to see it free and proceeded to act silly on it. This is her falling out of her boat. She also sang a little song while sitting in it. "I'm in my boat just sailing along, yeah I'm in my boat" This really made me laugh. 

I wonder what we will get up to this weekend? 
Thank you for reading. x