21 Jan 2015

Pregnancy week 7

How far along I am 7 weeks, 5 days,  According to Baby bump app and last period.

Total weight gain This will be my starting weight taking first thing Monday morning. This will be my starting weight and it was 166.8lbs.

Stretch marks Loads from previous pregnancy and weight gain/loss. This question wont appear again since the answer will always be the same and I wouldn't notice any new marks.

Sleep I have 1-2 naps each day but suffer from insomnia at bedtime this is an existing issue.

Best moment this week Getting to see babies heart beat. Although it had to be done as an internal and she thinks I have a tilted uterus. I also had my booking appointment with midwife this week. There are a lot more questions and test done than there were 4 years ago.

Miss anything Runny yolks.

Movement Too early.

Food cravings Not sure if its a craving but I have been consuming a lot of toast and butter.

Anything make you queasy/sick Travelling doesn't even have to be a long journey also strong scents. The other day a lady passed me with Deep Heat on took everything I had not to be sick.

Gender Again too early.

Labour signs No

Symptoms Other than the nausea I have mentioned my fatigue is really bad. I said earlier I have naps each day these just come on all of a sudden I could be mid sentence then boom I'm asleep. I am trying to stay active when I am home alone with my daughter or when she is at nursery.

Belly button in/out In at the moment.

Wedding rings on/off Bit of both when I am awake they are on but if I fall asleep with them on my fingers swell so I try to take them off when sleeping. This may be down to my arthritis and not pregnancy related.

Mood Good most of the time.

Looking forward to My next scan on the 5th February.