16 Jan 2015

MIA again!!

My last post I told you I was going to be getting back on track with my healthy eating which I still plan on doing but we have had a bit of exciting news.

On the 29th of December 2014 I took a pregnancy test as my app had advised me that my period was late by 2 days. I took the test that afternoon and the line appeared instantly but I decided to do another test the following morning which also came back positive.  This was a bit of a shock because if you've read previous post you will know we weren't planning on actively trying until after the wedding.  (We will get to that in separate post where I can include pictures.)

I then downloaded The Bump app and according to their calculations I am due 5th September 2015 make in my me 7 weeks pregnant. I have had a previous miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy although these were more than 18 years ago, so I phoned and book early scan to make sure everything is where it should be. 

We attended that appointment today. The lady who saw us was really nice and tried to do a standard ultra sound but was only able to see that there was nothing in my fallopian tubes so she decided to do a internal scan. Something I have never had done before but not as uncomfortable as I expected,

She was able to see that there was a yolk sack and a heart beat but think I maybe around 6 weeks 2 days. She offered me to go back at 8 and 10 weeks or at 9 weeks for more scans. We decided that going at 9 would be fine and then our dating scan at 12 weeks. She also gave us a copy of the scan without us even having to ask which is just as well as we had forgot we were just more relieved that everything was OK. 

My daughter was with us and picked up quick what was going on without anyone having to say anything. She seems happy as she told us she would hold their hand and share her toys. Then she turned and said people who have 3 children are just greedy. She is quite the little character. 

We announced to family by dressing our daughter in a T-shirt with the slogan "I'm going to be the big sister" She is looking forward to wearing it to nursery and telling all her friends. Family are excited but were a little worried as they didn't know I had stopped taking my tablets.

I have my booking in appointment with midwife on Monday.  I plan do pregnancy updates although I am not sure how often they will be. 

Thank you for reading. x