29 Dec 2014

Motivational Monday

So I am writing this before the New Year because the first Monday of 2015 is my Wedding day so I will be a little busy. 

It the time of year when we reflect on our previous year and ask how did it go? Did I achieve what I set out to do? 
So I went back and checked I had two things I wanted to do last year complete my weight loss journey and fill my photo album. 

Weight loss I still have 25lbs to go.  Which is 10lbs down on last year but not where I wanted to be.  So this goal will carry over onto 2015.

The plan is the same as it has always been I will track on my fitness pal post pictures to instagram and walk with my fitbit.  I have also purchased a new diet doodle diary.  My first mini goal is to loss a couple of pounds this week before wedding just to kick start my journey. My second goal is to loss 10lbs by valentines day.  (say this every year) 

Photo album is pretty full I still have to get Christmas pictures printed I think that will still leave a few slots but that's OK I am sure there are other images to be taken before the year ends.  So this was a success I plan on buying a new album for this coming year soon. 
Plans for this year eat better, walk more, use camera often and marry my best friend.

Thanks for reading.  I hope 2014 was good to you and 2015 even better.  X