11 Aug 2014


This wont be my usual Monday post. Healthy eating and exercise just never happened last week in fact I gained again. I am now 153.6lbs. Not happy about this need to focus but that's not what this post is about.

It has now been 2 weeks since I took my last methotrexate and I have to say I feel pretty good. Now I don't know if the pain will just come back gradually or if because I have less weight pressing on my joints that it will be less uncomfortable. I have had a few niggles today but that was after I came back from my walk and the weather has changed and become colder.

I have an appointment with the Arthritis doctor next month so have been writing out questions to ask I want to know if I can switch from folic acid on its own to a prenatal? I also want to know when they advise stopping contraceptive? I plan on having it removed after 3 months unless they have really strong reasons to wait.

My daughter starts nursery next week she has an afternoon place so I plan on walking while she is in there weather permitting if not I will come home and use exercise bike. I don't want to do anything to vigorous in case it aggravates my arthritis. I do prefer the Autumn weather I find it so motivating to see all the different colours and the wrapping up. The coming home and having a hot mug of tea.

On a completely unrelated topic things at home have be really good its strange my partner and I seem to to be on the same page, we both know where we want our relationship to go we both want to have one more try at having another baby. We are really enjoying spending time with each other not that we didn't before but we are both making more of a concious effort. We try and have a movie night were we just snuggle up and relax. We haven't told family and friends that we are trying for a baby I don't want them worrying about me being of medication or the added stress of them asking has it happened yet. There is also no guarantee that I will be able to get pregnant or that I will be able to stay off my tablets for the year we plan. It really depends on pain. In the hope of doing this as quick as possible we are going to do everything we can to boost or chances from ovulation tests to extra supplements.

It feels a bit like limbo at the moment because we're not actually trying yet. Hopefully I can use this time productively to shift the remaining weight and get my body into the best possible condition for conception.

I feel like I just rambled ah well maybe I will have a great nights sleep getting it all out there in the open.

Thanks for reading. x