2 Aug 2014

New Direction

Those of you have read my previous post will know that I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been on methotrexate for almost 2 years. This has managed my symptoms fantastically but my partner and I have decided that before its too late we would like to try and have another child.

So on Tuesday I contacted my doctor for advice he did see any problem with me stopping my treatment but checked with Arthritis clinic to check there procedures. I will no longer take medication to manage my arthritis but will continue to take the folic acid which from Tuesday will be taken daily. This will continue until the 12 week of pregnancy which is still a long way off (if it in fact happens) I have to be clear of methotrexate for 3-4 months before I can have my contraceptive rod removed. This will be where the struggle begins as not only will I be having to find alternative methods to ease my symptoms but I also only have one fallopian tube so conception takes longer my arthritis also can affect it too. I plan to push forward with my weightloss because this will ease strain on my joints and possibly speed up conception.

I plan on buying some ovulation kits and researching possible ways to speed up conception as I want to be off medication for as little time as possible. I hope to be able to try to become pregnant for a year if we are still unsuccessful then I will take advice from my doctor.
I have no idea how my arthritis will be affected with no pain relief but hope that I can tolerate any pain or find other ways to deal with it. 

You are possibly wondering why I am choosing to share all this with you and that is mainly because I have searched the Web and can't seem to find anyone who has documented their journey with this disease while trying to conceive. I hope that maybe other in the same situation will find this and we can share advice.
I don't know how often I will post as at this point I am at the beginning of this journey. I will however go back to posting weight loss updates on Mondays as I hope to lose as much of the weight as possible before I have my contraceptive removed.

Thank you for reading and I will check in with you again soon. Good luck if you are on a similar journey. X