21 Jul 2014

Motivational Monday

Hi I'm back. Let me start by apologising for not posting the past two weeks. I said in my previous post that I just couldn't get focused and this continued to be the case so instead of coming here and making excuses I decided the best option would be to take the break enjoy my time off plan then after the wedding get refocused and come back to lose the remaining weight.

The wedding was beautiful the day couldn't have been any more perfect. I will put the photos into a separate post. Now its time to get back on track I have the hospital in 9 weeks for my arthritis check up and I want to be 140lbs or less. I weighed in today and was surprised not to have gained more I weigh 151.2lbs I honestly thought it would be closer to 155lbs.

I have dusted off my Fitbit and plan on moving up the ranking from 32 place to top 10 this week. This means a minimum of 10,000 steps per day everyday. I also want to start using the exercise bike since it seems a shame to have it there gathering dust.

I have been consuming a lot of fizzy juice lately and no water or green tea. That changes tomorrow too.  I am going back to 1420 calories each day. I find this is the best number for me and when I stick to it I see the best results.

Lets do this!!

Thank you for reading. x