9 Jun 2014

Motivational Monday

Monday again!! Wow the weeks till my sister in-laws wedding are just flying by.
This week has been really good I was back on plan focused and determined. I got my steps, in I ate right and it really paid off this week. So just going to reveal my loss for this week 4 whole pounds. I am now 150lb that means I have 10lbs to lose and 5 weeks to do it. Which is totally doable this week proves that.
This week I don't plan on doing anything other than sticking to what I have been doing and what works for me. Walking drinking water/green tea and counting calories.
I know I am focused on getting to 10 stone but I am not sure if that will be the end of my weight loss journey or if I would want to lose more. I do know I don't want to be lower than 9 and a half stone. About 12 years ago I got down to 9 stone felt so ill, looked so gaunt and gained back almost stone on one month.
How has your week been? What are your goals?
Thanks for reading. x