23 Jun 2014

Motivational Monday

How's your week been?

Mine has been hardly any movement and not so great food choices. Part of me just want to take a break from counting and tracking all the time, but the other part of me is screaming "you are so close to where you want to be". I know there is a good chance if I take a break it will probably be another year before I finish this.

I think another reason my motivation is dipping is that I am comfortable at this size I feel happy I am slimmer than I have been in a long time. Clothes fit me better. I look and feel good in them. Then I think how much more confident would I be when I reach my goal weight? How would the clothes look then?

So I have decided to push on even if I don't lose anything at least I haven't given up.

I took a health survey in Holland and Barrett's Healthy magazine and was surprised and pleased with results according to the magazine my body age is actually younger (25) than my actual age (36). Which was a real boost to see the little changes I have made giving up smoking, losing weight, moving more and eating healthy are all making a difference.

This weeks weigh-in results are I gained 2.6lbs I am not ok with this. I need to get my head back in this I have come to far to start having massive gains like that. 

I have to get more focused! If I need to force myself to do this till my head is in the right place then that is fine. Whatever it takes I am going to lose this weight and keep it off. 

I didnt want to ever see 150 on the scale again and here I am back at 151. 

I think some of the gain maybe water related as I havent drank a drop over the weekend and my body is useed to getting 2 litlres each day. 

I am going to keep ths post short as I dont want tostart rambling and making excuses. 
Heres to next week and getting back out of the 150's.

Thanks for reading. x