30 Jun 2014

Motivational Monday

My Monday update time again this seems to come around quicker each week.

If you read last weeks post or follow me on any of my social media sites then you will know that my heart and head hasn't been focused for a while now. This weekend I had a break through the biggest advantage of calorie counting is that I decide how many calories I want to consume and how much I would like to lose each week. I have decided that 0.5lbs each week would be perfect for me I can start to feel like I have made a lifestyle change while still chipping away at those last 10lbs. ( hint to weigh in results)

So I will now have 1,600 calories each day and walk 12,000. This is more sustainable for me as most days I have my 3 year old with me and the steps were getting too much for her.

I know this means I wot be at my goal weight for the wedding but I am completely fine with this. The dress I will be wearing is 3 sizes smaller than I would have needed at my heaviest. Now I wont be the slimmest there but that was never the plan but I will feel comfortable confident and proud. Which is exactly what this journey was about. I love the dress so much and have tried it on several times just to check I am not imagining or fooling myself that it fits and guess what I'm not!!!
This weeks weigh in was a bit of a surprise I lost 1.6lbs in fact any loss would have been a surprise. This brings me back under the 150lbs which is fantastic.

This week my only plan is not to be so hard on myself and appreciate how far I have actually come.

On an unrelated subject I plan on publishing and extra post each week (not sure when) of photos I have taken that week. These post will contain now writing and me just photography. I have seen a few other people doing this and I think it is great way of photo logging my weeks.

You may have noticed these post usually have photos that are unrelated to the post but that is just because I liked the picture and wanted to include it this way This post can be solely about weight loss food and Fitbit.

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How has your week been? Thank you for reading. x