20 May 2014

Motivational Monday

I was in two minds as to whether I should write a post this week. I hate making excuses but someone reminded me that I have to live my life and there are going to be great weeks good weeks bad weeks and terrible weeks. This week was a bad week my partner was on holiday so I didn't track know and eat. I also didn't walk in fact there were a couple of day where I only just managed to scrape together 10,000 steps. There was also not one but two types of cake made by me and the weeks I bake never go well.

Any way I maintained this week and I am completely fine with that. Back on track tomorrow I have joined some challenge on a site matchup which is for fitbit and jawbone users. So I am hoping this will give me an extra boost to complete my step goals each day.

This week there will be no baking I need to get out of the 150's before the end on May on order to accomplish my goal. I am also so close to my goal weight and have 58 day to get there. Below are some progress pictures I took this week. 

I have also seen a dress I really like and want for the wedding I'm not going to share a picture of it yet but maybe soon.
I am going to leave it there before I start rambling feel free to add me on on matchup and we can challenge each other.

Thanks for reading. x