12 May 2014

Motivational Monday

This week overall has been good there were a few bumps but nothing major.

Tuesday did all my steps and exercise bike. I stayed under my calorie allowance as well. Tuesday is usually always a good day as this is when my motivation is at its highest.

Wednesday was a fantastic day I was under calories and I walked over 23,000 steps. I got up early and our local Tesco's, there and back was just under 15,000 steps. (Resisted the urge to buy Dunkin Donuts to try.) We then went visiting my partner relatives they hadn't seen me in a while and although they know I am actively losing weight it was nice and a huge motivate to see their reactions. The compliments were also a huge boost. We then had to do our weekly shop which got me the rest of my steps. I didn't use the exercise bike since I had surpassed my walking goal.

Thursday I did 22,000 steps so decided not to use bike. I went over my calories today by 100. It was a choice I made and enjoyed the little splurge. We also tried a new recipe today roasted chicken and vegetables with honey and lemon. The chicken part was nice but it made the vegetables too sweet.

Friday I was under calories. I only did just enough steps and no exercise bike. There really isn't much I can say about today other than I could have put in more effort.

Saturday I got up early and did my walk before my partner left for work that way I didn't have to take my daughter along as she wanted to have a duvet day and watch movie, which is what we did for the rest of the day. I really should have done sometime on the bike but didn't. I was under my calories for today.

Sunday is the day I had my biggest bump. I was over my calories by 300 which I hold my hands up to and blame on those Border biscuits being so darn good. Any way I did get my steps in and do some time on the exercise bike.

Monday is the day where I try to stay low calorie until I weigh in at 5pm. Then we have pizza for tea and I have my treat once my daughter is in bed. I have also started making sure my steps are done and I do some time on the bike. Tonight's treat is a fudge cream donut (don't know the calories and I don't want to.)

Now onto weigh in I lost 2.2lbs taking my weight loss since January to just over 2st I have 11lbs to lose before my goal. Although when I get there I will decide if there is anymore I feel I need to lose. Love seeing the difference between these jars.

Plans for this week try and keep up with walking and exercise bike. Find some toning exercise to start doing. Maybe some yoga. Get my ass out of the 150's and into the 140's.

Leave me a comment letting me know how your week has been and as always thank you for reading. x