28 Apr 2014

Motivational Monday

This week has been amazing I have stuck to my calories I have exercised and I have lost weight.

Sunday was the only day I went over my calories and that was by about 100.  Most days this week I walked 15,000 steps and then did about an hour on the exercise bike. I had set myself a goal of burning 2500 calories per day I think now that may be a little high so I am going to adjust that to 2000. Then if I manage more it will be a bonus.

With regards to my food I wont be changing anything since it currently seems to be working. I have also managed to get all my water in. I am finding the app that comes with the fitbit really motivating and all the friends I have added we have a friendly competition going. If you would like to see what I am eating check out my instagram I also post my fitbit stats there each day.

Sorry this is such a short post but i really don't know what to say. I am going to enjoy my treat tonight as I definitely deserve it. Cinnamon Swirl!!

This week I am just going to keep doing what I am doing.

Now for the weigh-in results I lost 3.7lbs this week which is my previous gains and then some gone. Couple of mile stones in there I am now in the 10st bracket I have now got less to lose than I have lost and have now lost more than 20lbs. The next two goals are lose 2lbs to make it to 2 stone gone and if I lose 4lbs I will be in the 140s and my goal will be in sight. I also have 83 days left before the wedding (sister inlaws not mine).

I have just ordered  some size 12 clotheswhich I hope I can get on even if they are snug. didnt want to buy size 14 as I dont plan staying this size for long. I will let you know how that goes next week.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are doing great. x