14 Apr 2014

Motivational Monday

I am going to lay this week's post out the same way as last week. This way I can look back to specific day if I want to at a later day.

Tuesday was the first day of using my Fitbit Zip. I went for a walk and managed to get my 20,000 step award. I burned 535 calories according to fitbit.  I also stuck to my calories allowance.

Wednesday was another good walking day and I managed 25,000 steps. 919 calories burned today.  Stayed within my calories.
Thursday I used 1700 calories which means I was over. I did burn 466 calories. This was not a good day but I dealt with it and moved on.

Friday I was under calories and had burned 552 calories. So was back on track.
Saturday 1409 calories used and burned 436. I was happy with this since I hadn't been out most of the day.

Sunday was not a good day. I think having a cooked breakfast and then a snack for lunch which I had to early meant that the day seemed to drag I found myself snacking in the afternoon I counted everything in. 9pm came around and I had about 100 calories for my evening snack but it didn't go that way I ended up eating over my allowance. I ended the day using more than 400 over my allowance and my burned calories.

Today I just couldn't seem to get back on track. I just wanted to eat breakfast and lunch were healthy but I found myself snacking most of the day. So its no surprise that when I stepped on the scales I had gained. It was even a little gain 2lbs in one week is not what I was expecting.
Water this week has been really good with most days hitting 8 glasses.

So I don't know if maybe I should rethink my calorie allowance or if by using fitbit I do less movement for the same calorie burn. I think I may drop my calories down to 1200 at least for this week to rein in my snacking. I think most day I use at least 400 calories on junk.  So tonight I will forget calorie counting and relax. Then tomorrow up and focused on my health and losing this weight.

Plans for this week use 1200 burn a minimum of 500 each day and drink all my water.

How has your week been?

Thank you for reading. X