7 Apr 2014

Motivational Monday

This week I am going to lay this post out differently I am going to break in down into day by day.

My week starts on a Tuesday. Food was going great and I had been for a walk and burned 666 calories. In the evening my partner mentioned he want a kebab and that was it I had ordered it before he changed his mind. I had about half and added it in for 500 calories. Was not even worth 200. (Won't be doing that again)

Wednesday I decided to draw a line under the previous day and get myself back on track I finished the day on 1404 calories (allowance 1420) and burned 457 calories on the exercise bike.

Thursday was another good calorie day although I didn't do any exercise.
Friday I went over my calories by 23 which I can deal with. I also did 60 mins on the exercise bike burning 513 calories. 

Saturday calories 1383 and a burn of 500 on the exercise bike.

Sunday I finish the day at 1417 calories with a burn of 650 from walking.

Now Monday works differently from the test of the week I calorie count until 5pm when I weigh in then I allow myself a treat evening. I weighed in and lost 1.6lbs (maybe if I hadn't had the kebab I would have got the other 0.4lbs)
I am happy with any loss I have now lost 20.6lb this year.

I am definitely picking up a Fitbit zip tomorrow and got myself hula hoop today. So I can vary the exercise I do. I am also getting used ro the numb rear from using the exercise bike. Water this week was really good so I plan on keeping that up.

This week I also had a NSV you may remember a few posts back I mentioned that I was trying to fit into a pair of camo print jeans well this week I put them on and I had room.

Good luck for the coming week and thank you for reading. x