31 Mar 2014

Motivational Monday

The beginning of this week I just wasn't in the groove I was counting but went over slightly.  On Wednesday evening I read something about green tea and it seemed to help focus me again I don't remember where the article was but it said that 3 or more cups (not mugs) could aid weight loss. I previously drank green tea in a mug and hated it there was too much now I know why, so I bought myself a plain white cup and to start drinking 3 cups.

I also tried out a couple of slimming world recipes this week. I made the pasta vegetable soup again and we also tried the pizza topped chicken which was quite nice but I think I would prefer without the cheese.

Yesterday was Mothers Day and my kiss were nice enough not to buy me chocolates. Their gift were beautiful. The clocks also changed here so that now man I can go for walks in the evening and it not be dark.
If I was doing this I figured I better keep an eye on my calories. I stayed under my allowance from Thursday and I have to say it must have done something because this week I lost 2.2lbs. Now I know I didn't reach my 20lbs goal but 19lbs since the start of the year is fantastic and I am lighter than I have been on a long long time.

I never did do a dvd but I did get out and walk and even did it faster than I normally would. This week I am not going to give myself and exercise goals as I never seem to stick to them.

My weight loss goal for April is to lose 7lbs which would give me a few different mile stones 2st down amd out of the 11st bracket. I will also not let Easter ruining my weight loss.

I still have a few months before the sister in-laws wedding so am definitely still on track to be 140lbs by then.

How was your week?

Do you find green tea works for you?

Thanks for reading. x