3 Mar 2014

Motivational Monday

So this was another week of very little effort on my part I am gonna have to rename these posts to "Lack of Motivation Monday". I know where I am going wrong I get up don't get dressed then sit under a blanket having breakfast watching TV. This week that will be one of two things that I will do differently as soon as I get up I am going to get myself and Alessa dressed then have breakfast with NO TV. The second thing is that anything I plan on eating with be photographed and posted to Instagram (then Twitter Facebook and Tumblr). I am hoping this will help me stop and think before I devour something.

I also hope to pick up a Fitbit this week too. As a lot of the movement I do around the house isn't tracked as I don't have anywhere for my phone when doing chores. I also hope that having this visual item will help remind me to go out for walks. I discover that one walk around the scheme that we live in gives me around 5000 steps which if I did this even 3 days this week it would be an improvement on this weeks exercise.

So this week was filled with not so great food choices and only one day of active exercise. My biggest food mistake came Thursday I was really in the mood for some cake so decided I would get a slice of Morrisons carrot and walnut cake as it is a 16th of a cake and comes in at around 130 calories. Although Myfitnesspal has it logged as a 8th of a cake. Unfortunately they didn't have any so what do I do? I buy a loaf cake apple and cinnamon it's about 200 calories per slice and there are 8 slices (which I have eaten). A mistake not to be repeated, if they don't have what I'm looking for I won't get anything. Tuesday we walked to our local beach visited a castle and clocked up 16000 steps. Everyday after I don't even think I did 3000. I think the only thing I did do was sit on the sofa.
So this weeks weigh-in was another shocker which I know is going to bite me in the ass if I don't start focusing. I lost 1.6lbs which is 0.4lbs from 14lb gone. Which was also my 'to have lost goal' for today. I didn't do the work or put in the effort so I shouldn't have gotten this but I have so now I NEED to get on with this my body clearly doesn't want to be this size.

New monthly goal 7.4lbs by 31 March. That gives me 4 weigh-ins.
So this week is all about FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!! And if your gonna eat it take its picture!!

Thanks for reading. x