24 Feb 2014

Motivational Monday

So this is week 3 of using the diet doodle diary and my worst week of tracking. I never logged any food for Tuesday or Wednesday. Also I only exercise 3 times.

The days that I did track 4 of them were under calorie and one was over by 74. I was all set to write this week off. This morning I woke up with a pounding head ache which even after a glass of water I couldn't shake. I decided that today had to be healthy so started with fruit and yogurt for breakfast with 2 paracetamol. This seemed to easy my head. I had promised Alessa that we would go see the horses today so we had a light lunch and set off. Taking along our cameras as always.

Tonight I tried one of the recipes featured in this months Slimming World magazine piri piri chicken with wedges. It was nice but I forgot to cut back on the spice as we were using less of the chicken and onions so needless to say it was too spicy but still very enjoyable and I will be making again. For pictures please check out my instagram.

I plan on making another couple of dishes from the magazine a pasta dish and the rogan josh but I will talk about them later.

Just before tea I had stepped on the scales and was shocked to see I had lost 2lbs this week which as I was writing this week of you can imagine I was pleased to see but don't feel I completely earned it. So this week I have to step up as I want to reach my target of losing the stone (14lbs) by 3rd of March. I also would like to be able to take a picture of me wearing my camo print jeans and look good in them.

I recorded a fitness workout today called 'walking for weigh-loss' so I WILL be trying that out at some point this week.

Each week I give myself chores to do I got a few of them done but not all so they will carry over to next week to be completed along with next weeks.

Do you have the diet doodle diary? How are you doing? Do you blog?

Thank you for reading as always. x