3 Feb 2014

Motivational Monday

This week started off so promising I was motivated and eager to do well. Tuesday which is the start of my week I walked and burned 855 calories and consumed 1285. (Allowance is 1500)  I had also managed 7/8 glasses of water. Wednesday was pretty good too I burned 377 calories and ate 1507. I was OK with this as the day was really busy if you read my previous post then you will know this. Thursday another OK day 1631 calories consumed and 729 burned. I blame the chocolate waffle. The remainder of the week I didn't track or I went way over. I did get in some exercise but only for mild damage limitation.

So there is no point in stalling anymore this week I GAINED 0.8lbs no one to blame but myself I am the one who is eating without logging who isn't exercising enough and who then has to see previous good work come undone. That now means to hit my target of 10lbs by Valentines day I must lose 2.8lbs this week as there is only one more weigh-in.

So how am I going to do this??

Firstly I bought a proper food journal. The Diet Doodle Diary. I saw someone's instagram of this and thought I have got to have that. I have included some picture below of the diary and how I have filled them in. I also bought some coloured pencils and post it notes. Each week as well as a weight loss goal I am going to add a post it note with some household chores. This coming week that will be strip and change all bedding, wash all the windows and empty the ironing basket. Some of the chores will be more weekly things some will be monthly but these three will do to start with. If I manage to get these done before the end of the week then I will add in others. Each week I will included a picture of the pages I have filled in from the diary. I plan on picking up some stickers to add to each of the days where I stay on or under calorie allowance. I have also added 3 blogpost on there as I am failing on the Friday post. So this week I will have 3 post that go up. Its mainly finding content for the Friday post. So if you have any idea's or requests leave them in comments below.

Tomorrow will probably be a good food day even though we are going to Mc Donald's for lunch as I will get plenty of walking in at the wildlife park. Fast food restaurants aren't my downfall its evening snacking on junk. I am going to cut back on snacks we do buy and thankfully my daughters Christmas sweets are now finished. Also no more buying and making cakes. Last week is done now to focus on this week and getting my 10lbs gone.

How was your week?? Did you stay on track??

As always thank you for reading. x