29 Jan 2014

Waffling Wednesday

Today been a really productive day. Up early washed dressed and off to the doctors for 9am. I went to get a mole on my leg checked out it seems darker than it used to be, she had a good look and said that it was fine and needed no further investigation.

We then headed into town picked up a few bit including the little hearts. I plan to use these in my weight to lose and weight loss jars. I think they will be better than the little pretend eggs I used before as they reminded me of mini eggs. (Mmmm mini eggs)

We headed back home for a pit stop then I headed back out for my eye test. I never realised how many different test they do just to check if you need any prescription. First I looked at a little air balloon then the puff of air in your eye wow does that make you jump. Then she shone a flash in my eye while she took a picture and all that was only the pretest.

Now in to see the optometrist who gets you to read the letters left eye right eye now with these funny glasses on switching out the lenses. Next she shone a really bright light in my eyes while she takes a closer look and the whole time all I could think was if I don't need glasses after this I will be amazed. Which I was my eye sight is as perfect as anyone can be. I wasn't having any issues with my eyes my son is and I thought this way I can explain what would be happening and how it feels. Taking away some of the mystery.

Now back home collect other half and daughter so we can go get some shopping.Basically got our usual stuff with the exception of some Chinese noodles and a sauce which we are going to stir fry with some steak and peppers. Head home for lunch as soon as I have finished I find that I'm starting to doze off so decided will get a little exercise on the bike done. Got to about 15 minutes in walks my son I have parents evening tonight first appointment in 10 minutes. Have to run and get changed, get there a little late but the teacher is fine. He gets glowing reports from all which is fantastic. I am glad at this stage in school he still enjoys it because at I didn't I hated it and started skipping quite regularly. Mainly down to bullying. They all say he is a pleasure to have in class and look forward to having him next year. Fantastic!!

Glad to be heading home to get some tea and maybe finish workout but partner texts in-laws are on way over. Which is nice as we haven't seen them in a bit just means I'm not getting back on bike. They have gone home partner is out kids in bed and I have just finished looking up college courses for September but think I may have to make an appointment to discuss with advice team. I would love to do photography but there are a few different courses some in college others open learning just not sure of how it would be funded and if I qualify for assistance with open learning. Will add it to my to do list for tomorrow. I am now in bed writing this then I think I will make a cup of tea relax and read February of the Happiness Project.

Loving this pro activeness!!

How was your Wednesday??

Thank you for reading. x