15 Jan 2014

Waffling Wednesday

The last few days have been very tiring my daughter has a cold but it seems when she gets unwell it really hits her (not that she is unwell often).

So yesterday we needed to go into town for a few bits, we were walking there and I knew there was no way she would manage so I dug out the stroller, so glad I didn't get rid of it at Christmas. I wrapped her up gave her a blanket and a little liquid paracetamol. We also took along our cameras as she wanted to take some pictures of the boats unfortunately by the time we arrived at the waterfront she was no longer in the mood.

She did want out of the stroller so she could give daddy directions as he took the pictures for her. We did what we needed to do and headed home.

After tea she fell asleep this tells me she is really feeling poorly as she never naps, when she did go to bed she just could get settled so it was through with mummy and daddy slept in her bed.

Now today I knew I was going to be exhausted but we had to go food shopping. When we got back she had a little lunch then wanted tucked up in bed with a DVD so I took my opportunity to go for another walk daddy was off work so could stay with her.

Its strange going out without her as I usually take her everywhere with me the nice thing was I could stick my headphones in something I would never do when out with her. I took my camera along and had the most relaxing and fulfilling walk. I took some really nice pictures and laughed at some duck trying to land on a frozen pond.

When I got home she was still sitting in bed. We had tea and she had another mini nap. She hadn't really eaten much today but corner yogurts are her favourite so I fed her one before bed. She has had some more medicine and is now sound asleep how long for I don't know so I wanted to get this typed up and posted quickly. Hopefully she can sleep right through and feel better in the morning.

Thank you for reading. x