20 Jan 2014

Motivational Monday

So this is my third week back counting calories and I have to say I think it was my best.

This week not only did I tack my calories in myfitnesspal but I actually kept a food journal which I logged everything in. Now I am not about to post picture of the journal in this post but I am pleased with how it went.  This week I logged what I ate, when and calorie content but I have decided that this week 'when' part isn't as important as the rest. Also from this week I will be tracking my water in take in the journal. I also included any calories burned and this evening set aside a page to review my week. My calories in were 10,247 and my calories burned 4,297 (the ones I track with Endomondo) which I am really happy with. This week I aim to burn 5,000. My main form of exercise last week was walking which I find easier to do and more interesting than sitting on a exercise bike pedalling to no where. I never did any of the workouts I mentioned but have kept them for days when the weather doesn't allow a walk.

I have also started to read in the evenings so at least 2 evenings a week I am going to switch my phone to silent and turn of everything else and just immerse myself in the book. This week its my favourite book Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro. This book is about a girl who feels she isn't making the most of herself when she comes across a type of self help book which explains that beauty fades but elegance that is always there and how to achieve it. I find this book really motivating and whenever I need a bit of a push I re-read this. I also have the Happiness Project on order from my library so hopefully that will become available soon.

Now onto my results. I have lost another 2lbs this week taking me to 7lb in 3 weeks. I am so pleased!! I have brought back the jar and have cut up pieces of straws to represent my weight loss.

Lets recap on the goals for this week stick to calories, burn 5,000, drink and track all my water. Dedicate two evening  to reading actual books.

I have made the appointment to have my contraceptive rod replaced which will be the 10th of February. I want to get my weight loss into a routine and form good habit so that if the rod being replaced does lead to over eating I can spot it and take action.

I am still aiming for 10lb by Valentines day and definitely think that is achievable.

Thank you for reading. x