27 Jan 2014

Motivational Monday

This whole week my motivation has been up and down, one day I can't wait to get stuck into it the next all I want to do is slouch on the sofa and eat. The good thing is I knew it was happening and tried to make healthier choices but still slouch. I think I know why I wasn't motivated I have had 3 things on a to-do list the since beginning of January not big things make a couple of appointments for my son and tackle the ironing basket (I absolutely loath ironing). I think these things were in my head and I was saying if you cant do these simple task how do you ever expect to lose weight and keep it off?

The answer, do those tasks so yesterday I got the ironing out and did it took the best part of an hour but everything is now put away in its place. Today I made those appointment and a couple of extras that I foresaw would niggle at me later. I also finally got around to touching up my roots which has also been waiting since January.

My food diary didn't get filled in everyday but it will serve as a reminder not to procrastinate over silly little things and not to let the ironing pile up.

I haven't done much walking this week the weather has just been too wet to traipse my daughter around in and no I didn't get on the exercise bike or do a workout video either.

Now for the weigh-in I surprisingly lost 1lb taking my weight loss to 8lb so I am still on track to lose 10lbs by the Valentines Day. The really fantastic thing is I dropped from 38% body fat to 37%  I don't have a percentage in mind I just like knowing that it is dropping.

I am currently feeling very relaxed (might have something to do with the long bath I just had or the coastal waters tart I have melting) I also feel positive about the coming week. I have also put the book I was reading on hold as I was able to get my hands on a copy of the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin which has great reviews. I have only read as far as the end of January but already made some changes I rearranged my bedroom so that when I plug my mobile phone in at night it isn't right next to my bed. I find that I read more blog post and Facebook statuses after I decided I should turn in and have on more occasions than I am happy to admit to fallen asleep and dropped my phone on my face. Funny the first time pathetic every time after!!

This weeks goal are the same as last week stay within my calories and drink more water. Good luck on your journey and let me know in the comments how your week is going.

Thank you for reading. x