6 Jan 2014

Motivational Monday

So I have now done 1 week back on Myfitnesspal and it feels great not eating everything in sight. I did slip up a bit on Saturday but everything I ate over my allowance was still better than what it would have been last week. I have even managed to use my exercise bike a couple of times this week and on Saturday Alessa and I went for a walk with our cameras to see the ponies and feed the ducks. We managed over 10,000 steps which I haven't done in ages. It felt really good to get out and just walk even though it was raining slightly.  The best bit is Alessa didn't complain at all about walking so I may do this a couple of times a week.  I don't want to end up doing it too often that her legs are sore and she doesn't want to come or ends up hating walking. I have included a couple of picture through this post from our walk. I absolutely love the one of the ponies kissing (as Alessa would say).

Food wise its been good we tried something new this week (well new to us) steak fajitas I don't know why but I always associated fajitas with chicken but they are delicious with steak. Although my partner joked that they were really pepper fajitas because I put in so many. This week we are trying slow cooked brisket that I saw in the January copy of Asda free magazine. I have seen a recipe for cooking this and it looks really tasty and if it can possibly do more than one meal that's a bonus. I also plan on making a pot of soup this week lentil and bacon its my partners nans recipe its low calorie but very filling and budget friendly.

I have a couple of doctor appointments this week my 6 monthly check at the arthritis clinic today which went really well as my bloods have been normal for over a year I can now have them taken every 6 weeks as opposed to every 4. I go for my bloods on Thursday and I also need to arrange a time to get my contraceptive rod replaced. Cant believe its been 3 years already.

Now onto the weigh in. I have been weighing myself through out the week so know that I have lost but how much? Well I am pleased to say 5lbs which is fantastic. I was aiming for 2lbs but 5lb I am really pleased with that. 

Next week I plan on doing basically the same thing but maybe do two 10,000 step walks and on the bike three times for 60 minutes. I will also be increasing my water and fruit intake.

How has your week been? Good luck for this week. 

Thank you for reading. x