23 Nov 2013

My Christmas Tree

Let me get the obvious out of the way, you may feel its too early but I don't. Each to their own. Secondly the tree I decorate myself my kids don't get to help at all in fact I do it once they are in bed. My take on it is that Christmas is for the children but the tree that's for mummy!!

Now onto the tree we have a black 6" fibre optic tree which we purchased last year. I do add decorations to it I know some people don't. I like it to look pretty even when its not switched on.

I start buy positioning the tree then arranging the branches. I stand back and look at it with it switched off then again switched on.

Tree switched off
Tree switched on
I start to decorate adding the filler baubles which this year are red basic shatter proof. Next I add white blue and silver baubles these too are shatter proof but nicer baubles. I add all of one colour before moving onto the next. I then add the stars followed by the snowflakes and the reindeer. Finally I add the decorations that I have one of gingerbread man snowman, Santa, castle, bells and so on.Also before I move on to the next set of decorations I step back and look at it and about half way through I switch the tree off again to check placement. Then when I am happy with the positioning of everything I add the tree topper which is a metal angel.

Finished tree switched on
Finished tree switched off

This year I also made a little snow scene which I will include a picture of and couple of other bit I had decorated for Christmas.
snow scene

this is in my kitchen/dining room

living room

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this post. x