21 Oct 2013

Motivation Monday

I didn't actually plan on putting up a post today mainly because I didn't want to make excuses. I haven't been on plan this week and I don't know what I weigh. If I'm honest I don't want to either.

As the title says this is Motivation Monday so instead of trying to motivate others today I guess I should find my own.

I still want to wear a fitted dress at Christmas and I still want to lose about 25lbs. So what's holding me back ME that's what it is plain and simple every time I think this is it I'm gonna crack this I get in my own stupid way.

So tomorrow I am getting up having breakfast then getting on that bike and doing the hour then getting my daughter dressed and going out for some good old fashion fresh air. I am going to give myself a target calorie burn of 800 per day which has been tracked.

My eating this week has been disgusting to say the least from sitting with a tub of Celebrations (which are almost gone) to fasting without thinking and then there's the takeout food great at the time not say great later.

I hope your week has been better. I am back on plan first thing tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. X