7 Oct 2013

Motivation Monday

So its weigh-in time again but first an update on my week.
A few weeks back I said I would have a chat to my doctor about taking a multivitamin. I finally made an appointment and she advised no folic acid. I already take a large dose due to my methotrexate. She suggested I consult the staff at Holland and Barratt who decided the best options for me was to take iron with vitamin c. As it is mainly for energy I wanted it and most UK vitamins contain folic acid since its one of the biggies that we woman need. Hopefully they will help as I have been suffering with some mild dizziness I don't feel like I am going to pass out or anything just that I moved to fast (even when I didn't). I am sure it is a lack of iron but of its still occurring in a couple of weeks then I will go back to doctors.

Also this week I have found my motivation come and go. Tuesday was good Wednesday made some bad choices then Thursday was terrible but Friday morning I gave myself a talking to and got back on track I was determined I would turn this week around. I lost 1lb this week I am pleased with this but need to knuckle down if I am to lose a significant amount by the 18th of December the day I plan to go dress shopping. If I am still at this weight or higher then I do not plan on buying a dress as it is a reward.

I must also confess I am a bit apprehensive about losing the weight as my contraceptive rod gets replaced in January and I would hate to think I gained it all back because of the change in hormones in my body. That being said if I had lost the weight I feel I would be better placed to combat any need to overeat. There aren't pictures for this week as most of my walking was to my local Sainsbury's and back. I say local it takes up to 2 hours to get there and back. We stopped in at a park then Toys 'r' us another day.

This week I have got to stay focused I need to start losing 2lb per week. Or at least feel like I actually gave it my all.

As always thank you for reading. x