23 Sep 2013

So its Monday again!!

Let me start by saying weigh-in was not good. I have gained 5lb (I stood on two sets of scales) not happy at all. I don't feel any heavier none of my clothing was tighter than last week.

I have changed my jar to show the lbs. I need to lose so rather than putting them in I take them out or at least that's the theory.
I don't want to make excuses but I have a couple of things that I think that it might be (TMI alert) my monthly visitor is here, I stopped the 5:2 diet so maybe my body panicked and stored fat or it could be because I eat back my exercise calories. Or all of the above. Guess I'll find out next week.

I tracked everyday but one and I didn't go overboard that day either. Just when I thought I was getting back into the groove of this but I will not let this push me off of the wagon. I have a style of dress I want to fit into. and I plan on doing it for Christmas.

I currently allow 1600 calories plus any burned. So I think this week I will stick to my calorie allowance and not eat the extras. I have MFP set to private for my food I am going to change that too make myself more accountable. Also this week I am going to have to go above and beyond on the exercise, time to break out the workout DVD's. Claire Sweeney time to whip my ass, legs and stomach into shape. Some days I don't leave the house and spend a lot of that time sitting in front on television this week I will leave the house everyday to walk for at least an hour (at my 2 year olds pace).

I am also going to try and be move proactive about my water intake. I drink it here and there but hardy ever log it. There is no excuse I have the app on my screen as you saw in last weeks post. Also MFP has a section for water too. That my plan of attack and I intend to put it into to action fully.

What do you do that works? Do you eat exercise calories? Do you get all your water in?

Here are some pictures from the days I did venture outside.

Thanks for reading. x