27 Sep 2013

Guilty Pleasures Tag!!

This week I am doing another tag video this one relates to your guilty food. It was created by Amy MacTavish please check out her channel.

1. What is your guilty pleasure food?

My guilty pleasure food would have to be chocolate. I could eat it all day and never get bored.

2. How do you stop yourself from craving when it comes to your guilty pleasure food?

I don't usually stop myself from having it mainly because the minute I know I can't have something I want it even more.

3. When do you most crave your naughty snacks? 

This is easy in the evenings I have had many a good eating day go bad from watching a movie and snacking on chocolate and losing track of what I've eaten. I now find the best way is to portion it before I sit down.

4. When was the last time you ate your guilty pleasure food?

Last night. I tend to have some form of it everyday.

5. How often do you have a takeaway? Do you factor it into your day or see is as a treat day?

Takeaway I am currently trying to cut down to once a month. Which would then be a treat. So we are only having them the day my partner gets paid.  

6. When you have a naughty treat, are you a fast food person or a posh food person?

I am more of a budget treat person I wont often pay for an expensive type I don't really find any taste difference.  

7. Do you eat less, or work out more to accommodate a naughty snack?

I try to eat less to accommodate my treat. I'm not big on working out the most exercise I ever get is walking. I have a form of arthritis which limits what I can do.    

8. Do you allow yourself a treat day during the week?

No. This wouldn't end well it would probably carry over into the next day, then a week later I would still be struggling to get back on track.

9. Are you a boredom eater, or do you crave snack when you're busy as well?

100% boredom eater. If I am busy food is the last thing I am thinking about but the minute I sit down that's it I'm thinking what have I got to munch on.

10. Do you have any substitutes that accommodate your snack cravings but are healthier/ fewer calories?

I have one thing that I am trying to train myself to crave as a treat isn't necessarily fewer calories but is healthier. Its Whitworths sweetened pineapples or cranberries. I have a pic below of them. They come in around 100/130 calories. The pineapple I find are like jellies

What are your guilty pleasures?? Leave a you links below if you have done this tag.

Thanks for reading. x