12 Sep 2013

Fast day. Last day.

I am writing this on the day of my fast so that I can better explain my decision.  Breakfast went well. Then I decided to go out for a walk with my daughter it was a lot warmer than I had expected so I ran out of water sooner than I would have liked I now had the headache from hell I took some paracetamol with a sip of my daughter juice and ate my apple I had brought for lunch but it was still there. I finally get to some shop get a bottle of water and drink about half still not feeling great. So I felt it would be best to get the bus home.
When I arrive home I have a small Clementine and some more water next thing I know its 1 hour half later I had fallen asleep (my son kept an eye on my daughter) I eat my tea soup and rivitas I'm still on track with my fast but still feel so ill. Its at this point I decided that 500 calories is just far too low for me at this present moment. To go from over eating to  severely under eating was too much for my body.
I still believe the program works as I have found myself eating less a lot less. Maybe I will revisit it in the future but for now I am going back to the tried and tested method calorie counting 1600 per day every day. So I have eaten a bit more today taking todays total to 1100.