19 Sep 2013

Changes to blog name!!

I have decided to make some changes to my blog and decided to do it now while I don't have may followers to confuse.
I have changed the name of my blog to laurasarahdoll this way my twitter instagram and my blog all have the same name.
This isn't the only change my blog will now focus on life in general from posts on my glossyboxes make up clothing/accessory purchases to season tag posts. I want to be able to blog more regularly than I was I couldn't included cooking as although I can feed my family its nothing to write about. There is also only so much you can say about your weight loss journey and I pretty much cover that in my Monday posts.
My plan is to post 3 times per week.  So far I am still working put the details also for the time being any pictures included in my post will have be taken with the camera on my phone the Samsung Galaxy Note.
Let me know what you think of this new direction or any future post you would like to see.
Thank you for reading. X