11 Sep 2013

Being better prepared!!!

This week has been good but I know I can still do better. I only managed one fast day mainly because I wasn't prepared. Its not so much that you need anything in particular to do the fast its more of a case of getting the most from your calorie allowance. I find that fruit veg and eggs are the key things I need.
On the fast day I did manage I had yogurt and banana for breakfast, weight watchers clear chicken noodle soup for lunch and boiled egg salad for my evening meal. The soup was not filling food at all so I am going to make my own. Probably carrot and ginger or a tomatoes and celery. With a couple of rivita thins I think it would be more filling.
I managed to walk some evenings this week and to keep under my calorie allowance each day. I also purchased my own bathroom scales which I weighed myself on and I am 6lbs lighter than when I weighed myself as month ago which is fantastic. Whether its all weight loss or just because it different scale I don't know. As I will be using these scales to measure on from now on I should get more accurate readings.
Tomorrow is the first fast day of the week and I have planned what I will be having and logged out into my fitness pal. Breakfast 1 cup of strawberries 1 small banana and a weight watchers yogurt. Lunch will be on the go as I plan on walking off more calories than I consume, I will have a red delicious apple. My evening meal will be at around 6pm and will be carrot and ginger soup with two rivitas. Then with my milk for cups of tea I will be at 485 calories. I also plan on drinking plenty of water and if I need a little something to chew I have sugar free gum.
While I am out tomorrow I am going to have a chat with my pharmacist to enquire about taking a multi vitamin. I already take a high does of folic acid once a week because of my arthritis so I don't want to take anything without advice. I want to make sure that while I am learning about my new lifestyle I'm not depriving myself of any vital vitamins.
This is my favourite time of year for walking as the colours start to change and the weather has a slight chill which makes you move more and then coming home lighting a scented candle and curling up under a blanket knowing you've had a good day.
Well it time for bed and to read my weight watchers magazine for motivation. I hope your week is going well and if you have a blog or know someone who i should be reading let me know.

Until next week!