21 Sep 2013


So I decided as my first tag post I would do the Autumn tag.

I love Autumn as I have mentioned in a previous post.

Here are the questions and my answers:

For Autumn what is your....
1. Favourite thing about it? The colours. I just looks so pretty with the reds and oranges especially on wet days.
2. Favourite drink? I don't have one. I only drink standard British tea and occasional hot chocolate but that's in the winter. Wish I liked coffee as a spiced latte sounds so good.
3. Favourite scent/candle? Getting the cinnamon and spice candles out. They have to be Yankee Candles others just don't seem as good. This makes it feel so autumnal for me.
4. Best lipstick? I am really loving Revlon Color Stay Ultimate in Brilliant Bordeaux.
5. Go to moisturizer? Neals Yards Remedies Power Berry daily moisturizer.
6. Go to colours for the eyes? This I would just keep neutral since I like a strong lip.
7. Favourite outfit to wear? Jeans and a cosy jumper.
8. Autumn treat? Long hot soaks in the bath with lots of candles burning
9.Favourite place to be? Curled up under a blanket with my family watching a movie.
I saw this post on Keira blog and thought this would be fun post to do. If you decided to do it let me know.