16 Sep 2013

A quick update.

This just a quick a quick post to let you know that I have changed my weigh in day back to Monday. I find this day works best for me. It is also the easiest day for me to blog.

I will weigh myself at 5pm again probably a strange time but this means instead of a cheat day like some people have I can have a cheat evening and in theory do a lot less damage (not that I am planning anything drastic).

As I just weighed myself on Wednesday I wasn't expecting much but am pleased to say I am down another 1lb that's 18lb since the beginning of the year. This is about where I was when I fell off the wagon but this time I am determined to succeed. I have customised my home screen on my mobile to motivate me and to help me stay on track. The water glass icon is a free app I find this really helps since I tend to forget the drink it. (as you can tell from pic). The weight loss tracker is also free and helps give me a visual boost. Then I have my fitness pal lets me log my food intake and shows the calories I have remaining.  I also use Edomondo which is free app but I have paid for the step counter add on but it works just as well without it. If you have any others that you think I might be interested in then leave me a comment.

The count down widget refers to my last weigh in before Christmas and my plans for a new dress. I have worn the same red dress each Christmas for 3 years as I refuse to buy another one in a size 16. I bought it when I was pregnant with my daughter and it looked great it was fine the other years but fine is not good enough for this Christmas. This year I wont be wearing it!!

I hope to be wearing something more like this dress.

Now don't think I am delusional I know I wont look like the girl in the dress but I feel I should be able to wear the dress and still look amazing. I have 25lbs to go which I don't expect to lose them all before Christmas but more than 15lb would be great.

I cant go without adding a picture of Alessa since she features in most of my posts. This is her beside the ponds when we walked over to see granny and grandad. These ponds aren't usually this green but it made a nice contrast with her blue T-shirt.

Until next Monday I hope you are having a good week and staying on track!!