25 Aug 2013

Same journey different transport!!!

So I am back and ready to finish what I started back in January.

I have moved house and am settled in (a little too well). So now it's time to get my focus back. I am bored of always counting calories and feel I need something slightly more structure well at least part of the time any way. So I am looking into the 5:2 diet. I feel this would be the best plan for me it would give me some structure, while still learning about calories. Also it would me I don't have to be super good everyday.

I am waiting on a copy of the book coming from eBay but I have the basic concept till it gets here. No I just need to decide when my first fast day will be. I feel that Thursday would probably be a good day I go food shopping Wednesday so would have the best foods in. My next day would be Sunday. My week will start on a Monday.

I have already weighed myself and know that I need to lose 30lb to be at my goal. I plan on weighing in every 2nd week So my first weigh in would be Wednesday 11th September.

I also plan on putting my daughter into her stroller everyday I am not fasting at 7pm and walking till 9pm. It's not much exercise but it's more than I currently get. (Most days I don't leave house)

I will check in again a week on Wednesday and let update on how I found it.

If you have any suggestion or tips feel free to leave me a comment.

Thank you for reading! x