20 May 2013

Weigh-in number 17

The one I know I sabotaged!!!

This week got off to a great start my daughter was over her bug, I was monitoring and tracking everything I ate. Tuesday and Wednesday I felt under the weather my stomach was very bloated and by late Wednesday the bathroom was where I spent most of my time (I know TMI). I managed to still eat smaller amounts but enough to tide me over. Friday went well to so decided to have a little sneaky weigh-in and see just how well I was doing. 2lb off fantastic!!!

Got up Saturday decided I would go out for a walk bought something for lunch logged it and then I saw them the chocolates (the ones on offer that I just had to have) I though I will have a couple this evening as treat since I will have burned off some calories. This is where it goes down hill and fast I open them going to give my daughter one oh I will have one too there were none left by the time I returned home 400 calories I didn't want to use but if I had just stopped there it would have been ok.

I move on to mars bar crispy cake (that I make) then donuts and other junk next thing I know its Monday the day I get on the scales and I'm wondering how much have I messed it up?? how much have I gained?? I step on and am shocked to see that I have in fact lost 1lb not deserved or earned now I'm thinking I have to get my act together or its going right back on next week.

There is a up side to all this I have dropped out of the obese category and into the over weight and no longer have a BMI of 30 or above. Does a happy dance!!! Also I have come a long way since I started tracking my progress on the Wii fit back in February as you can see on the lower of the two above graphs. (the goal shown is a mini goal set on the Wii I would really like to surpass that).

I have 6 weeks before the hospital appointment and in the time I know I cant lose the 1st 9lb I wanted to get me to 10st but I can lose 10lb and get myself to 10st something whether its 10st 13lb or lower but I want to lose 10lb which would take me to 30lb gone.