13 May 2013

Weigh-in number 16

This week I have been post all week so not sure what will be in this post other than my weigh-in.

How do I feel the week went?? It was a huge improvement on the previous weeks but still not great I haven't been able to get out an walk as much as I would have like between other commitments and my daughter being ill. I found myself mindlessly eating a few times this week and also not tracking when I should and then playing catch up at the end of the day.

I had originally thought that I had gained 5lbs back when I weighed last week but it turns out I was mistaken and it was in fact 3lbs which I am pleased to say I lost this week.

I have never posted how much I actually weigh and I think it is time as of today I am 11st 10lb (164lbs) I need 4lb to move from obese to overweight and would like to get down to 10st (140lbs). This would have me on the edge of health/overweight but I want to sit at that weight for a bit and see how I feel. Its been a good 10 years since I was anywhere near there. I don't have any clothes from that size so when I get there I will need to go on a shopping spree.

I don't have a definite time scale as to when I want to reach my goal but I would like to have lost 2st in total by July 1st when I go back to see consultant at Ninewells about my arthritis.

I still feel like I am in limbo with regards to moving house the other lady didn't pass first inspection and had to put some things right they are doing another visit this week so hopefully we can then move onto electrical checks.

This week I wont be doing daily post as I don't feel that they motivated me or that I stuck to them the way I said I would. I am going to focus on writing down everything BEFORE I eat it and drinking water.

How are you doing on your journey??

Thank you for reading. Leave your blogs below and I will check them out.