6 May 2013

Going backwards!!!

This week I decided I would still weigh in just for my benefit and was disappointed and disgusted to see that not only have I gained weight but in fact I have gained 5lb. In light of this I have decided I can no longer put my health on hold. I have come to far to allow myself to start going backwards.

This coming week I plan to post every evening with a break down of what I have eaten the water I have drank and the exercise I have done. I also hope to include some pictures these will be taken on my phone so may not be fantastic quality (Samsung Galaxy Note N7000). The food I consume may not be the healthiest of choices but it will be within my calorie allowance which is 1600 per day.

I have a tough week ahead of me as it is my late grans service on Wednesday I have a post relating to that which I will probably post after this. I know that it isn't a weight related post but it was important to me to write.

Any way I have now idea what I will call these daily posts so feel free to leave your suggestion in a comment.

Thank you for reading. I hope your healthy eating/weight loss is going well.