7 May 2013

Getting back on the wagon day 1

Today went well with regards to eating and getting exercise in.

I never made the best choices but I counted everything in. We had a walk to our local beach as the weather here was beautiful. We stopped in at Asda and bought a prepared sandwich to have once we arrived. We also stopped in at Visocchis for ice cream as this is the best place in Dundee to get some. They are all handmade and have some amazing flavours. Unfortunately I forgot to take food pictures today so you cant see their ice cream.

I burned over 700 calories through walking today which added to my daily allowance gives me 2300 of which I used 1900 which I don't mind as I don't believe I need to bank all of my burned calories. Also compared to the way I had been eating the last two weeks this is a massive improvement.